SPACES: Mnemonic for core values of good modeling software

Posted on Thu 10 May 2018 in Modeling • Tagged with rant, code, modeling

What makes good modeling software? Repeat this three times out loud.

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Iterative Project Planning in Research and Development

Posted on Fri 16 June 2017 in Productivity • Tagged with agile, kanban, scrum, development, research, time-management, project-management, project-planning

Iterative planning is a a successful strategy for research and development.

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Vertically Centered

Posted on Thu 25 May 2017 in JavaScript • Tagged with HTML, web, jQuery

Use jQuery to vertically center an element in a window.

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Python-3 Virtual Environments on MS Windows

Posted on Thu 18 May 2017 in Python • Tagged with virtualenv, pelican, windows, bash, rant

Python-3 venv module vs virtualenv package

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Moving to Pelican at GitHub Pages

Posted on Mon 03 April 2017 in Announcements

So this is goodbye to Google Blogger and my old blog at Poquito Picante, although I'll try to keep Breaking Bytes up to date if I can figure out how to make a commit hook that posts the generated content using the Blogger API v3.

And this is hello to …

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