Moving to Pelican at GitHub Pages

Posted on Mon 03 April 2017 in Announcements

So this is goodbye to Google Blogger and my old blog at Poquito Picante, although I'll try to keep Breaking Bytes up to date if I can figure out how to make a commit hook that posts the generated content using the Blogger API v3.

And this is hello to Pelican! I did a very quick search for static site generators like Pelican, Hyde and a few others, and Pelican quickly emerged as the most popular. Also Kenneth Reitz said to use it.

So far Pelican usage is a snap, just follow the quickstart in their documentation. So this is my very first, albeit very short, post for my new blog site. Why leave Google Blogger?

  • I've wanted to for a very long time, b/c I wanted to manage my blog using Git.
  • My old blog is now being crawled every few hours which just seems weird.
  • I prefer my breakingbytes handle to "Poquito Picante" which is just a silly alliteration.

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